Emirates: Mauritius, Seychelles and Expo 2020

Emirates: Mauritius, Seychelles and Expo 2020

The airline Emirates Airlines renews its commitment to Mauritius and the Seychelles, by extending a memorandum of understanding which describes joint activities aimed at promoting the two countries. She also presented her pavilion for the World Expo to be held next year in Dubai.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Said Al Maktoum, President of Emirates Airline and Group, met with a VIP delegation from Mauritius and Seychelles at the Arabian Travel Market, 2019. A memorandum of understanding was signed on occasion by representatives of the three parties . In 2018, 361,844 tourists visited the Seychelles, and Mauritius welcomed 1,399,408 tourists & nbsp ;; the main destination markets are France, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Italy, China, the Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates. The agreement provides that marketing activities such as participation in tourism fairs and exhibitions, trade familiarization trips, product presentations and workshops, among others, will be undertaken jointly by Emirates and the tourist offices of two islands in the Indian Ocean. "& Nbsp; We have established long and fruitful partnerships with Mauritius and the Seychelles and have played an active role in the development of the tourism industry in island countries. Our commitment to these destinations and the partnership with the respective government authorities have been very successful, "said Orhan Abbas, Emirates Senior Vice President, Business Operations (Africa), in a statement. "The renewal of our agreements strengthens our confidence in the future development of tourism in Mauritius and the Seychelles, and we remain confident in the continued growth of this number & nbsp;", he added.

The signing of this memorandum of understanding with Emirates "& nbsp; underpins the long-standing strong relationship between the Seychelles government and the leadership of this global airline, which has grown over a decade. We appreciate the services that Emirates has provided and continues to provide to Seychelles and its tourism industry. We look forward to deepening this relationship further in order to take advantage of our mutual benefits, "said Didier Dogley, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Navy of Seychelles. "& Nbsp; We have the same perspective and share the same vision when it comes to developing a mutually beneficial strategy. We look forward to working with Emirates in the same friendly spirit that inspired the Memorandum of Understanding, "said Anil Kumar Gayan, Minister of Tourism for Mauritius.

In June 2015, Emirates increased capacity to the Seychelles archipelago from the Airbus 330-200 on one of the two daily services to a larger Boeing 777-300ER. The introduction of the Emirates 777-300ER has increased the overall link capacity by 1,722 seats per week and made it an operation entirely made up of Triple Sept. Emirates began operating in Mauritius in September 2002 with three weekly flights. The daily A380 service was launched in December 2013, while the daily dual service was launched in October 2014, following strong demand for Emirates' flagship aircraft on this route.

Emirates, the first partner and official airline of Expo 2020 in Dubai, also unveiled the design of its pavilion and the experiences that will be offered to visitors during this international event. These will use interactive technologies focused on the future of aviation. Guided by the three Expo 2020 themes of mobility, opportunity and sustainability, this pavilion was designed to reflect the dynamic lines of airplane wings ready to take flight. The 26 inclined fins that cover the entire pavilion will accommodate more than 800 meters of LEDs to create multi-sensory effects and light effects each night of the Exhibition. The pavilion will use the latest technology for its design, such as integrated solar panels, sustainable constructions, reactive sun protection and plant spaces inside and outside the pavilion.

The Emirates pavilion will have the capacity to welcome more than 56,000 visitors per month. It will provide an overview of the evolution of the world of commercial aviation and "will contribute to the debate on the power of mobility and its progress in terms of modernity, efficiency and sustainability". "We are extremely proud to unveil today the first details of the Emirates pavilion, which celebrates the themes of Expo Dubai 2020. The objective of our pavilion is completely in line with that of Expo 2020 , namely stimulating connections, creating experiences and encouraging creativity and innovation, inspiring a commitment to a better future. Future-oriented experiences will highlight the best of the aviation industry to show the importance of mobility in the world of today and tomorrow ”, said rejoices Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Emirates, and more broadly the transport ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates, "will play a key role in connectivity to contribute to the influence of Expo 2020. The economic impact of the transport, hotel and tourism sector will contribute AED 16.4 billion to the economy of the United Arab Emirates. This demonstrates the vital role these industries play in creating value by bringing people together and breaking down barriers, "added the president of the airline.

The interior of the Emirates Pavilion will use technologies that allow natural light to enter the space, thereby reducing energy consumption. The heart of the pavilion will be dedicated to the experiential journey of visitors. The second floor of the Emirates Pavilion will house the auditorium for speakers and industry events, while the third floor will be an open garden for visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings and green spaces. The Emirates pavilion will allow you to discover, through fun experiences, the different facets of the future of aviation, from flight sciences to passenger experience at airports, through advances in materials technology and improved cabin comfort. Visitors will be able to learn the basics of aviation and understand the scientific theories of flight. They will also be able to delve into the future of aircraft cabin design with ever more surprising innovations to improve passenger comfort and well-being.

Visitors to the Emirates Pavilion will also be able to explore a biometric system that not only uses iris recognition, but also examines the emergence of mobile technologies, as well as biometric and human recognition systems such as brain scanners and biometrics. voice. Finally, visitors will be able to create and configure their ideal aircraft of the future, by combining selected technologies and personal preferences for the choice of wing, fuselage, engine, etc.

A must-see event to be held from October 2020 to April 2021, Expo 2020 will offer visitors a range of unique experiences in pavilions in 190 countries. The entertainment program promises to be rich, with a multitude of daily events: parades, cultural and music festivals, conferences, inspiring workshops ... Foodies looking for culinary curiosities will be able to taste cuisines from around the world, with over 200 unique culinary experiences, from food trucks to gourmet meals. "& Nbsp; Air travel has made discovery and exploration of the world accessible. Expo 2020 and Emirates, as the airline and official partner, will bring it all together in one place, in Dubai. The Emirates Pavilion will tell the incredible story of the role that air transport will continue to play in transforming mobility and shaping our future, "said Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, United Arab Emirates Minister for International Cooperation and Director, in a statement. General of the Expo Dubai 2020 Bureau. Some 25 million visitors are expected to Expo Dubai 2020 during the six months of the event, 70% of which should be by plane. Emirates, with its network of 158 destinations in 86 countries, "& nbsp; will facilitate connectivity & nbsp;".

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